What to look for in Forex Signal Software

We review a lot of forex software and there are two different types. The first is that of automated forex robot software. This type of software, like Forex Autopilot for example, does all of the work for you. You pretty much just plug it in and away it goes doing all of the trades for you. Personally I am not a huge fan of this type of software, whether it works or not is irrelevant for me, I just don't like not having control.

The other type of software is forex signal software. This software doesn't do any actual trading so you'll still need a broker to do that. What they do is give you signals of when to buy and sell. A couple of examples of this are the Forex Killer and Supra Forex systems. Now that you know which software does the job, how do you go about picking the right one?

Signal Quality

Signal quality is the most important aspect of the software. You want the signals that will produce the most pips and therefore profit. Any reputable software will publish this information on its sales page for you to see and you can verify it by reading reviews online or contacting the creator directly.

Ease of Use

I'd like to drive an F1 race car but I couldn't just hop in one and expect to win the grand prix. Forex software is similar in that you want something that is easy to use. Ideally you should be able to place in the data, hit a button and it will spit out the results.


Changes variables in your trading is essential to long term success. You may want to change something as simple as currency pairs for example. The best software will allow you to do this. I'd avoid software that limited your rage of currency repairs because usually this is an indication of it being rushed to sale before the entire market can be analyzed.

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