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Success Rate: 3 star
Consistency: 3 star
Ease Of Use: 5 star
Customer Support: 4 star
Profitability: 3 star
Overall: 3 and a half stars
Visit Site is an online platform for trading forex designed for everyone from beginners to experts.

The trading software visualizes all actions made by the Forex trader, this makes eToro's software the most easy-to-use software in the market. eToro's customer service is spotless. Honest and reliable customer care which fits a leading broker like eToro. Same thing for the rates of their services and the spreads they offer.

First time users are given a signup bonus and are automatically enroled in monthly competitions for cash prizes.
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"I have been actively trading with them for about 6 months now, I have been making money on a consistent basis, and have even won some money on the site in the monthly forex comps. So far I have had no problem withdrawing any money. The platform is fun, and has only gone down a couple times since I had it. I have always got very prompt customer service."
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"Forex Trading Pal recognizes eToro as one of the leading Forex brokers in the market. eToro excels in making Forex trading easy, understandable and fun. This broker is especially suited for beginning traders but more experienced traders will also like some of the highly advanced futures that eToro offers."
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"Israeli eToro is taking a novel approach in simplifying Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading by packaging the complicated concepts involved in trading one currency against another, in fun non-threatening wrappers."
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Our Verdict

The goal of eToro is to make forex trading accessible to everyone and in that respect it succeeds. The software is easy top use and extensive and we really like the visual ways of displaying all your charts.

The system is especially suited to beginner traders because of its simplicity. If you are a veteran or expert you can probably take it or leave it.

Should you sign up for eToro? If you want to trade quickly and easily then it is definitely a viable option. If you are more about the nuts and bolts of trading and have a system you are happy with then it may not be for you.

In addition you can sign up for a free trial and test it out, if you aren't satisfied with the results you can always walk away with no obligation.
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Format:Online Website
Warranty Information:30 Day
Created By:Unknown
Customer Support:Email Support

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