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Is an online service run by actual, professional currency traders. Its a little different to normal signal services because instead of waiting for a signal then acting, you set up in the morning how you want to trade for an entire day. From there you sit back and let the system do the trades for you.

It is in essence an automated trading account without the heavy expenses usually associated with such services.
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"Expert-4X Investment Grid system is unique. The system will automatically trade for you without the high costs of personal account managers. This makes it perfect for you if you are always on the move or wish to pursue your own hobbies and interests while earning money."
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"What strange trading system. Takes a long while to get used to it. I can see why they offer a 14 day trial. I started subscribing at the end of March and joined the GBP Group. I am over 1400 pips up at the moment. This is the slowest system I have ever traded which is another thing I battled with. Don't do it if you like scalping. I would only recommend it if you want to make slow money. The course, subscription service and support is really great. It's nice to deal with real people"
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Our Verdict

This service is a real diamond in the rough. It is not very well known but don't let that fool you, the team at Expert-4X know exactly what they're doing and have the results to prove it. The general online consensus is that this is a real gem and will profit very consistently.

The feedback also seems to be that this is a more long term system, so if you are a scalper don't sign up or change your way of thinking. Trading should really be a long term plan so we like this approach. Keep your trades consistent and it will help you build up wealth overtime rather than taking big risks in short bursts.

As far as signals go this one is great and we highly recommend it.
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Format:Daily Signals
Warranty Information:60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Created By:Unknown
Customer Support:Email Support

Customer Reviews

Submitted By Gerald on 04 January, 2009
A good signal service and it was fairly cheap too. I don't follow them as gospel but usually just use their signals to give me a bit more confidence with my own systems, never hurts to have a back up!

I like them a lot and the customer service is good too
Rating: 5 star
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